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South America


Transports & Logistic


Web, Android and iOS

The Opportunity

Silstech reached out to us to help them build an MVP that will help leading fuel companies to better control and manage their fleet in order to reduce road risks and deliver their products in quantity and quality.

The Outcome

Silsteach team already had been working on the hardware components needed for fleet monitoring, so we help them build a web dashboard for their client’s security team and mobile apps to be used by their drivers.

The impact

When the development of the MVP was finished, we helped the Silstech team with their future plans. They asked us to present the technical aspects of the product to c-level executives from top fuel companies, so we prepared several presentations and demonstrations. They also wanted to build an internal team to develop the MVP further, so we offered our help in defining the positions and skillset they should look for and participated in a few interviews.