The most advanced electric motorcycle in the world.







The Opportunity

Starkfuture created the Varg, their first electric motorcycle as the solution to lead the way towards a sustainable motorcycle industry by reducing plastic and CO2 pollution. They came to Made2 to design and develop the next version of their eCommerce, with a refreshed design and scalable architecture to seamlessly manage their entire manufactoring workflow.

The Outcome

The project went through several stages of analysis and refactoring. After re-constructing what is now a smooth architecture flexible enough to adapt to all back-office needs, we refined the frontend, backend, and admin system to help the process, manage, and update all the administrative information, as well as the customer’s order details.

The impact

Starkfuture’s business was growing fast. They had been managing new orders too manually and were looking to develop an integrated platform that could grow with them. Our tech solution involved improving a custom eCommerce platform that adapted to their manufacturing process through integrations with various payments, logistics, sales, and support services that enabled a whole new level of back-office experience.