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How to survive a nested crisis

Startups usually live amid crisis during the first three to five years. When it’s not financial, it’s operational. Not to mention doubts storming the entrepreneurial minds from time to time. That’s how it works until the ship finds calm waters, and crisis’ impact become just a variable to measure in an Excel Sheet.

Those crisis bring along a set of concerns, and if founders or director are not able to separate wheat from straw, taking control of what they really can and not losing time trying to control what they cannot, it’d be better to start collecting callas for their graves. But this is not something new. Just ABC…

Now, what happens if you’re behaving like a proper manager, doing your homework, taking care of what you’re supposed to, looking at the long term while caring about the short and medium, tackling what pops up according to its level of urgency an importance, watching after your team, dealing with all ongoing challenges due to growth or lack of it, you know, your daily task list… and all of a sudden, while your startup found itself struggling to overcome an existing crisis, you bump into another crisis, a bigger one… how do you think you may succeed?

It will depend mainly, in your beliefs. And the strength you have. Your will to wake up. How creative you turn to be. You capacity to reinvent things. How clear is your vision. But if your dreams are in HD (High Definition), you would never step aside.

This post is dedicated to all startups struggling in the middle of the biggest crisis the world has seen in the last decades. DO NOT GIVE UP, wake up early, do exercise, have a healthy breakfast, take a bath, get dressed, do your bed, and do your best freaking effort.